A bit about me

Nice to meet you! I’m Daniel Trugman, and Trugman Internals is my way of sharing and giving back to the community.

I’m writing code for almost two decades, in different settings, languages and capacities, with no intention of stopping. I was lucky enough to find in Software passion, profession and haven.

You can find my blog posts here and my open source projects under my GitHub account.

I started my professional career developing security systems the Israeli Air Force, then created novel Database Security products in McAfee, and nowadays I envision endpoint security products for Linux systems at Palo Alto Networks,

Apart from Software, I love great coffee (preferably Ethiopian), trekking (in exotic parts of the world), traveling, good food and most important – my partner in life, Tania, who makes all those dreams come into reality.

If you wanna discuss something interesting, pick my mind or work together on a project, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn.